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Withdraw interview request from Minister Maryam Monsef, after 123 days


Access to politicians is supposed to be the main factor in any society to evaluate a transparent, responsible government.

It has been almost more than five months since Mr. Justin Trudeau got elected to stand at the helms of the new government of Canada mainly through Ethnic Canadians’ votes.

Mr. Trudeau had personally warranted availability of members of his Cabinet and the Parliament for the media and general public. Nevertheless, his team members seem to be too busy to squeeze media meetings into their agenda.



March 23, 2016

Dear Honourable Minister Monsef,

I am writing to express our disappointed in your office response to our interview request which came after 123 days (first initiated in November). A Teleconference is not a good alternative due to limitation of time for the questions and answers. In order to efficiently address the questions and concerns of the community, a town hall like event or perhaps a panel discussion is the best way forward. We will be more than happy to organize such an event with your approval. If not we withdraw our request for an interview.

Best Regards,

Association of North American Ethnic Journalists and writers

President office

cc: Hon. Justin Trudeau PM



Maryam M

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