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Quebec media star Eric Salvail arrested for alleged sex crimes in 28 years ago

eric savalia

Quebec media star Eric Salvail arrested for alleged sex crimes in 1993

Salvail arrêté à son retour de Floride: une affaire qui remonte à 1993

Le producteur et animateur déchu risque jusqu’à 10 années d’incarcération s’il est reconnu coupable

Jan 20 -2019eric savalia

Quebec television personality Eric Salvail has been arrested by Montreal police on charges of sexual assault.

According to the arrest warrant, he is being accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault and forcible confinement for events that occurred between April and November 1993. There is one alleged victim in the case.

Salvail, 49, turned himself in at a Montreal police station and was released on a promise to appear in court Feb. 15.


Avoiding Council Meetings is not right for Richmond Hill’s Councillor Castro Liu

castro liu

Avoiding Council Meetings is not right for Richmond Hill’s Councillor Castro Liu


January 16th 2019     Opinion Letter

Richmond Hill’s Ward 3 Councillor Castro Liu has made a habit of avoiding Council meetings where critical votes are set to take place. It’s time for Castro Liu to be open to his residents on where he stands on the issues.

castro liu

Many residents who were present at Richmond Hill’s town council meeting late last year on December 11th 2018 noticed that Ward 3 Councillor Castro Liu was absent from the meeting. The significance of this meeting was that a vote was set to take place about the Town’s Downtown Secondary Plan. Instead the vote was postponed to the New Year in early 2019. This result angered many town residents who believe that Richmond Hill is already behind its neighboring towns and cities when it comes to urban planning and infrastructure.


Councillor Liu then avoided another critical vote regarding the fate of controversial Ward 5 councillor Karen Cilevitz. Instead of voting for or against the motion which was set in place to suspend Cilevitz’ pay for a period of 90 days, Liu chose to skip the meeting altogether. Eventually, the present council members voted unanimously in favour of the motion to suspend councillor Cilevitz for bullying.


The fact that Councillor Castro Liu had run unopposed in the 2018 municipal election for the position of Ward 3 councillor does not mean that he cannot partake in a healthy debate. It is the obligation of any politician, including Councillor Liu, in a democratic system to effectively represent the residents who is accountable to. He has the right to his own opinion and to vote accordingly, and his vote should be based on his social conscience and the interest for a better future for Richmond Hill.  Any part of Richmond Hill is a part of town of Richmond Hill and Ward 3 is not an isolated island. We are one town, and we have to fight for the future of a modern town.

Journalist ‘died after taking anxiety drug


Maxwell Bates-Spiers inquest: Journalist ‘died after taking anxiety drug’

  • 7 January 2019
Max Spiers
Image captionMr Bates-Spiers had asked a friend to buy an anxiety drug for him while on holiday in Cyprus, the inquest heard

A journalist who dealt in conspiracy theories died after taking an over-the-counter anxiety drug during a stay in Poland, an inquest has heard.

Maxwell Bates-Spiers, 39, from Kent, died in July 2016 at the Warsaw home of a woman he had earlier met at an environmental conference in the city.

Monika Duval told the inquest that Mr Bates-Spiers had taken the Turkish form of Xanax on the day he died.

Polish prosecutors viewed the death as being “from natural causes”.

A report from the Polish prosecutor’s office (PPO) “excluded the participation of further persons”.

But it also said Ms Duval had “fulfilled” Mr Bates-Spiers’ request to buy a surgery’s “entire stock” of the anxiety drug during a holiday in Cyprus.

The hearing, in Sandwich, was told the PPO report described Mr Bates-Spiers, from Canterbury, as a journalist “dealing with the topics of conspiracy theories and paranormal phenomena”.

Max SpiersImage copyrightREX FEATURES
Image captionPolish prosecutors said Mr Bates-Spiers was a journalist who dealt with conspiracy theories

She had bought up to 10 boxes – about £315 worth – of the drug, which did not require a prescription, at a doctor’s surgery before they returned to her home at the end of their holiday.

The PPO said Mr Bates-Spiers “probably took 10 tablets of Turkish Xanax, at the same time explaining to Ms Duval that it was an adequate dose because its Turkish equivalent has a different dosage”.

Ms Duval said in a statement read to the inquest that he had fallen asleep on her sofa after taking the tablets, but later stopped breathing.

Ms Duval, her daughter and ambulance crews all tried to revive Mr Bates-Spiers, but he died at the scene.

The inquest continues.

Karen Cilevitz should step down to preserve Richmond Hill’s dignity

karen celivitiza

Karen Cilevitz should step down to preserve Richmond Hill’s dignity


Ward 5 deserves a better representative


Jan 5th 2019      Opinion article

RIchmond Hill Connecions

The recent motion to suspend the councillor’s pay, based on the latest Town Integrity commission report on bullying, sheds light on the issue of ethics among Richmond Hill’s elected representatives. {1} Richmond Hill’s Ward 5 Councillor Karen Cilevitz was the subject of the Report published on December 7th, 2018. In the report, the councillor was found to be harassing, intimidating, and threatening local Richmond Hill musician Steffi Goodfield. The long series of harassing voicemails and text messages that were sent by Councillor Cilevitz to Goodfield began in December of 2017 over the name of a musical event being hosted at Richmond Hill’s Archibald’s Pub.

karen celivitiza

In her 2018 campaign for re-election as Ward 5 Councillor, Karen fell into further controversy due to her association with a local Richmond Hill Richard Rupp, who was in 2008 convicted in an Ontario court for committing tax fraud. {2} Mr. Rupp was hired by Cilevitz as her campaign manager. This raised many eyebrows as to why she had chosen to a convicted criminal to be in charge of her campaign. Cilevitz never addressed the doubts regarding Mr. Rupp during or after the campaign. In fact, during the newly elected council’s inauguration at Richmond Hill’s centre for the Performing Arts on December 4th, Rupp was invited as one of the councillor’s special guests and was given a special tribute by Cilevitz during her remarks to the town. This was further seen as an insult to the residents of Cilevitz’ Ward as to the fact that she was never transparent about her association with the convicted fraudster Richard Rupp.


The new Richmond Hill Council has to catch up with so many left over projects to improve the town. Therefore the constant interference by individuals who actions act as a distraction from the vision in place for Richmond Hill. The fact that the town of Richmond Hill has made national headlines recently in a negative light, due to the actions of Councillor Cilevitz, has been an injustice to the town’s diverse and hardworking residents. For Councillor Cilevitz to step down is the best option both for herself and Ward 5 residents as well as the town of Richmond Hill. Time for a municipal by election in Richmond Hill’s Ward 5.




The mistake of Canada MPs and Senators to travel to China amid detention of Canadians as hostage

canada china

The mistake of Canada MPs and Senators to travel to China amid detention of Canadians as hostage

Jan 6 , 2019-01-06
Saeed Soltanpour

Trip of 4 Canadian MPs ( 3 Liberal and One Conservative ) alongside two Senators ( one Liberal and One Conservative) on Jan 5 , 2019 to China amid of political tensions rising between Canada and China is a big mistake by Primer Justin Trudeau and Conservative leader Andrew Shceer . The pre schedule trip of Canadian politicians giving wrong response to China.
Timing of the trips shadow on PM Justin Trudeau and Her Foreign minster , Chrystia Freeland , claim on priority of Human Rights for the government. The trip is not at the best interest of Canada.
It looks Human Right is important as long as the other government is not powerful as China
While I support dialogue with governments but we can not leave our fellow Canadian citizens behind or scarifies our interest for economic or political benefit at the international crisis.
The authorization of the trip of back bencher politicians with little diplomatic experience to by PM Justin Trudeau was a big mistake , too. These politician not only will not be taken serious in Beijing but showing the weakness of Canada foreign policy .
Richmond Hill Liberal MP could stay out of this trip to show respect for all 13 Canadian detainees in China . MP Jowhari could should think twice as Canadians before be a foot solder for Liberal party to respect Canadian Liberal democratic values and Human RIGHTS.
Delegate to China :
Unelected Senators Victor Oh, Conservative and Sen. Joseph Day , Liberal and MPs Michael Cooper, Conservative, Geng Tan,Libera , Majid Jowhari, Liberal and Chandra Arya, Liberal,

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