Mexican Journalists Fear for Their Lives After Man Stabbed 21 Times in Front of Family

Mexican journalists stand before candles during a demonstration demanding justice for the murders of colleagues at Melchor Ocampo square in Morelia, Michoacan satate, Mexico on August 25, 2017. 
Ten journalist were murdered in Mexico this year, and one of more than 100 killed since 2006 in a wave of violence that has made the country one of the most dangerous in the world for the press. / AFP PHOTO / ENRIQUE CASTRO        (Photo credit should read ENRIQUE CASTRO/AFP/Getty Images)

Mexican Journalists Fear for Their Lives After Man Stabbed 21 Times in Front of Family

Association of North American Ethic Journalists and Wrties deepest sympathy going to family and Friends of Slain Journalsit  Carlos Dominguez, 77,


The murder of opinion columnist Carlos Dominguez, 77, is currently under investigation after he was fatally stabbed while stopped at a traffic light in his vehicle on Saturday, according to Mexican authorities.

Dominguez, who covered politics, organized crime and corruption in his nearly four decade-long career, was slain in front of his son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren. Armed men stormed the stopped car in the Mexican city of Nuevo Laredo and stabbed the journalist 21 times.

Colleagues of the reporter believe the attack was in response to his controversial columns. “For Carlos’ colleagues, there is no doubt that his assassination is linked to his journalistic work,” the organization Reporters Without Borders said in a statement on Jan. 15.

Ahead of Mexico’s presidential election, taking place in July, Dominguez published a commentary critical of the federal government. The day before his murder, he wrote of the government’s “failure on the matter of public security” on Mexican news website Horizonte de Matamoros, In the same column, he also criticized the local mayor for “lashing out against journalists who expose her flagrant faults.”

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