On the occasion of The Universal Day of Human Rights

On the occasion of; The Universal Day of Human Rights 2016

Black Lives Matter International Movement


By, Winny Moro, 

Canadian – Sudanese ANAJ Writer          


On December 10th of 1948, a Declaration of the Human Rights was presented to the United Nations General Assembly in Paris, France.  Followings are all the items of the said Declaration which are greatly summarized.



1 – Equality of dignity and rights.    2 – Equality of race, color, political opinion.

3 – Rights of life and liberty.    4 – Prohibition of slavery.    5 – Prohibition of torture and inhumane punishment.    6 – Equality before the law.    7 – Equal protection before the law.  8 – Being able to use the legal system effectively and equally.    9 – Prohibition of arbitrary arrest, detention, or exile.    10 – Equality for access to independent and impartial criminal tribunal.    11 – Presumption of innocence before the person is found guilty by the relevant court.    12 – Protection of privacy, family, home, etc..    13 – Freedom of movement, exit, or entry to person’s country.    14 – Right to seek foreign asylum from persecution and without fear of the right being invoked.    15 – Right to have a nationality, prohibition of arbitrary denial of nationality.    16 – Equality and right to marriage regardless of nationality, religion, prohibition of forced marriage and protection of the family unit by the state.    17 – Right to own property.   18 – Freedom of choosing religion, freedom of thought, conscience and opinion.    19 – Freedom of expression of opinion, also the right of transfer of information and ideas through any form of media, regardless of the frontiers or countries.    20 – Freedom of choosing association and holding peaceful assembly.    21 – Right of taking part in government of a person’s country, and equal access to public services.    22 – Right to social security and use of facilities the government has provided.    23 – Right to work, employment without discrimination, equal pay, membership in unions.    24 – Right to rest and limitation of working hours, holidays.    25 – Right to adequate health and treatment for person and his family, right to assistance during motherhood.    26 – Equal right to education, free elementary schools and choice of parents for children’s education.    27 – Right to participation in cultural and community activities, recognition of intellectual property.    28 – Right to social order within which the freedoms in this Declaration are practiced.    29 – Responsibility of the person to nourish his community.    30 – Nothing in this Declaration can be interpreted in a manner that is contrary to the spirit of this Declaration.


***                                ***                                ***


The recent unfortunate events in the United States which were direct results of inequality and failure of the true intent of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights seems to indicate that the North American society in reality and action still is haunted by the bondage of the centuries of colonialism and slavery.


After the murder of Trayvon Martin (Sanford,  FL 2012), and the acquittal of his killer George Zimmerman, a phenomenal movement which is known as the Black Lives Matter was founded by a trio of black activists namely: Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors.  The courageous trio have, in a remarkable way, participated in the fight for justice and freedom, and #blacklivesmatter has branched into so many other positive civic achievements and is no more solely American but has spread internationally, in particular to Canada.


The senseless killings of blacks by those set out to serve and protect needs to come to an end.  America should take a closer look at their own heavily flawed penal system and accept the fact that the word terrorist can at times be applied when we consider the ruthless actions of police and others in positions of authority who allow some heinous attacks to be carried out against the citizens.


Disregard for the items cited in the Universal Declaration and repeated daily cases of police brutality, particularly against blacks has been at the forefront of racial atrocities  which are occurring on a full fledge basis despite centuries of attempts for attaining equality.


Minorities in North America have been living under a system that is designed to mainly protect its privileged white citizens, but at the same time discredits and also actively fights against every attempt of civic progress by the visible minorities.


There is a system in place, designed to prevent blacks from climbing the social ladder.  The cycle which prevents the progress can happen in many different ways such as:  A black male without reasonable cause is stopped and searched by police and ends up in the court system.  Now, if for any reason, the person happens to miss his court date, right away and without hesitation a warrant would be issued for his arrest.   That missing of his court date by itself would result in a new charge under the criminal code and by this time the wheels of the “so called” justice are fully in motion to “get” the guy.   This is the evolution path of making a “criminal” out of an unfortunate person that primarily entered the cycle because of the color of his skin. 


The next steps are that sooner or later he is pulled to the side for a minor infraction or a Road Check while his name is all over the country as the “Wanted”.  He is arrested, resulting in the loss of his job and income for the family.  If the detainee is married, his wife may not be able to single handedly support the household and in black families, there’s usually not enough savings of money for the legal expenses and bail coverage.  So, the man stays in prison for an addition of time that an okay doing Caucasian person would not.  Many things that at the surface are small but are sufficient to alter a person’s life such as, loss of employment, vehicle confiscated, unpaid rent, and as such, they would result in a total family breakdown and that is why a considerably high percentage of prisoners in North America are minorities and blacks.


The spirit of the Human Rights Declaration is equality of all human beings, particularly in matters which the improvement of things that lack are usually out of the individuals control such as skin color, gender, the area of birth, and many other similar characteristics.


It is unfortunate that mainstream media such as the influential Fox News, do their part in discrediting claims and even evidence which are put forward by the accused blacks in courts.  This particularly can be noted by the type of negative photos that many broadcasting networks choose to portray a black accused.


For example showing a “mugshot”, or the most objectionable photo to criminalize a deceased black person, but will show a graduation picture, and positive family photos of a white shooter or killer.  Unfortunately, racism and the media go hand in hand, being a form of propaganda.


I believe that anyone who fails to acknowledge the aggressive discriminatory behaviors conducted by the “federal gangs” and turns a blind eye at the realities of systematic racism, are part of the problem.


W.M.  December 2016




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