Association Charter

ANAJ’S Essential guides to govern decision making process of «Directors»
The followings are at this junction parts of «The ANAJ Constitution” and mat only be amended if four of five signing Directors agree the change.
Hereafter the Association of North American Ethnic Journalists and Writers is noted as ANAJ.
1- The association’s interests and welfare shall come first. Individual preference follows.

2- In decision makings always we should keep in mind the common interests, the «Truth and Group Conscience» principles. ANAJ, before the Law is a legal entity and her directors are legally responsible for her interests and should act as her advocates and lawyers.

3- Any journalist or writer regardless of their personal opinions or character can join ANAJ.

4- Each member is autonomous except in matters clearly affecting the «Association as a whole». Board of directors shall not restrict, interfere, judge or try to impose upon our members.

5- The designation «NON PROFIT» only implies that ANAJ’s share could not be traded, but she can – trade services, and pay for the services of anybody as employee or contractor- is she deems proper and of profit to her.

6- ANAJ directors are custodians of the association. They should serve rather than to govern. Service to ANAJ determines the value of each member to her at «The corporation» level and should be used as «our guide» when ANAJ nominates a fellow member to serve.

7- ANAJ should try to rotate its Service responsibilities by Election on a «yearly basis» and the same directors may only serve consecutively if no alternative were available for the benefit and improvement of ANAJ.

8- ANAJ in principle has two categories of members; The «Writer Members» with evidence of past active writing or journalism, and a second category “Aassociate or Supporting Members» who need not previous experience in the field.

9- ANAJ is not responsible for the actions or opinions of her members, and by the same token, will not interfere with theirs. A member cannot be held responsible before ANAJ, except if his/her actions knowingly have caused obvious damage to the «Association as a whole»

10- It is a priority for this association to fully do her best to assist its members who get in hardship as a result of the Journalism or other forms of expression of the opinion.

11- In our decision makings board of directors should always observe the spiritual principal of anonymity and always «Placing Principles before the Personality of people»

12- The membership and the board should always check the relevance of their proposals by the «Scale of how related the activity is to the journalism or writing» of our association

13- The board should set a regular meeting schedule not later than Bi-weekly at this point of time and members should only excuse themselves if an unavoidable situation stops them from attendance.

14- Although the directors of ANAJ have assumed the responsibility on their volition, they should always be mindful that ANAJ is an officially registered corporation with the government of Canada which has accepted to fulfill certain functions and objectives and that carries certain responsibilities towards the government. Therefore in any decision making we should keep in mind «not to deviate» from our initial goals and purposes, and how successful we have been to serve «the Society and our peers». In making any decision we shall check the measure of our initial Goals as a Journalist and Writers Society.

15- If for true and Valid reason a Board Member should require to terminate his/her Service as a director, the resigning officer should undertake all the necessary steps that are indicated for such occasions by the ministry of consumers and Corporate Affairs.
These are cardinal items of ANAJ constitution which have been voted for by all directors.

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