Association Vision

Our Vision

This association is a home for all those men and women of letters who believe in the supreme worth of every single human being.

Ethnic writers and journalists cannot afford to stay divided here in North America. This association belongs to all those who value the virtue of their mightier-than-sword weapon.



Why Ethnic journalists and writers?


“A rope made of three cords is hard to break” (King Solomon)

  • Since the ethnic media usually have a limited number of readers, proportionate with the size of their community, the writers of the ethnic press are mainly the individuals who submit their articles on a freelance basis.
  • The same is true for book writers who write in languages other than English in the United States and Canada. Rarely do such non-English books have enough readers to cover its printing and distribution costs. Writers of non-English books tend to dispense the costs of publishing a book from their own pocket.
  • Being limited to their own audience, most ethnic writers fail to earn the credit and recognition they deserve to have in the English language media.
  • This association finds it a primary mandate to act as the voice of the individuals who wish to have an identity as a journalist or writer and hopefully receive the recognition they would normally have if they were writing in English.


Registered as non-for-profit, non-affiliated, Non-partisan, Independent institution, this association was primarily designed to serve as a liaison among ethnic journalists. As an essential mandate, we also endeavor to facilitate mutual understanding among different immigrant communities. In so doing, we support:

  1. …recognition of the ethnic journalists and writers as the backbone of ethnic communities in multicultural societies across North America.
  2. …any practical campaign to promote the civil rights and individual freedom as outlined in the constitutions of the United States of America and Canada.
  3. … any undertaking to promote the importance of “freedom of speech” among the ethnic editorial authorities.
  4. …creation of a petition-collection facility to support the authors and journalists who face freedom-of-speech-related challenges.
  5. …promotion of community events in the English media.
  6. …translation and of issues of ethnic concern for the mainstream media.
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