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Was it an Islamic group recruit gone wrong?

Boyle-Coleman Saga


By: Winny Moro
Canadian – Sudanese ANAJ Writer

There is a consensus, even at the international level, that Canadians are generally peaceful and easy going people.  However, many of the same people who have heard or read the details of the very troubling, sad story of the events that are repeatedly publicised as the kidnapping of Joshua Boyle and his American wife Caitlan Coleman in Afghanistan, strangely face a dichotomy of not only feeling sympathetic to what happened in a five year period to the family, but at the same time feel a strange sense of anger at these victims for having put themselves and their four children so carelessly and un-necessarily in such a most disastrous predicament.

In the past few weeks, I have heard many versions of what I call the Boyle-Coleman Saga. What they said they had endured is extremely saddening, but at the same time there are so many inconsistencies and controversies in their accounts that leaves no recourse for the reader but to conclude that their narrative simply fails to make any sense and that is not even considering the new legal problems that Boyle is facing which has kept him in prison in Canada, at the point of this writing.

To begin with their story, I cannot get over what the urgency was for their “back packing” trip to Wardak Province, one of the most troubled parts of Afghanistan, that Joshua Boyle felt the need to take his seven months pregnant wife along.

I decided to speak with a Canadian friend who is familiar with the general geography and mentalities of the region.  It happens that he too had an experience of a five year internment in the area but in circumstances which by no means were anything as complicated as Boyle’s, but he still had no idea if it would ever come to an end other than an act of providence.

My associate is a member of Pen Canada and North America Ethnic Journalists and when I called him about this kidnapping account, he said that he had read a good deal about it and like me, he strongly believed that there is more to this story than what Boyle and Coleman are willing to say, the beginning of which he believes to have taken place in Toronto.

He said years ago, he had the occasions of talking with Zaynab Khadr, the sister of infamous Omar Khadr.  My associate cannot imagine how as a Canadian man, Joshua Boyle could get to the point of marrying such a super fundamentalist Muslim, burka wearing lady.  In other words, Joshua must have had a super fundamentalist Muslim beliefs himself to be attracted to and to attract Zaynab, to the point of becoming the spokesperson for the Islamic extremist family.  We believe that this is probably the crux and reason for attraction of the back packing trip to Afghanistan.

As an explanation for what they had gone to do on their trip, Boyle said that they had been in Afghanistan “helping the most neglected minority group in the world, those ordinary villagers that live deep inside Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, where no NGO, no aid worker and no government has ever successfully been able to bring the necessary help.”  So the question arrises, what type of aid did he and his pregnant wife have in mind to provide, making them more successful than even governments?

In a letter to CTV Ottawa, Boyle writes, “To those who strive to devote their life to acting as a servant of God, no explanation is necessary.  To those who don’t strive to devote their life to acting as a servant of God, no explanation is possible. Unfortunately, it’s really that simple.”

What is the meaning of that?  Well, the Canadian describes their expedition as a “pilgrim“ journey, which means the travel from afar to a holy place.

I suggest that Islam is what attracted the couple to the region in the first place and despite knowing that the area was a Taliban zone, the husband and wife duo regarded themselves as having the honour of potentially being martyr and sacrifices at the Alter of Islam.

Boyle and his wife have both said that the captors asked and wanted them “to do” something and when Boyle refused, they killed their first child who they named “Martyr”, which is mainly someone who has given life for a religious cause.  What was this work or mission which they denied and resulted in the child being murdered and the mother raped, yet when he was talking about these heinous crimes, Boyle found it necessary to defend Muslims by saying that the captors were not Muslims but rather pagans!

While the rest of the world believes that the Taliban and Haqqani are Muslims, Boyle’s idea of Islam is so good that he says he is a Muslim and the Haqqani are“pagans” because Muslims do not carry out acts like those they were subject to.

We also note that regardless of the extreme cruelties, Caitlan Coleman wears a full Islamic Hijab, which suggests that she, along with her husband had converted to Islam before their trip.  I say this because it is quite unlikely that someone would be kidnapped and tortured, and during captivity, take on the religion of their captures and even after release dresses like them.

In his pre-Afghanistan photos, we see Boyle with a very thick beard that usually is considered an Islamic signature in that area and his Canadian co-workers have said that he was taking time for Islamic prayer prior to the trip.  This shows that religion has been the center for the entire ordeal.

I believe that there had been a notion of what the Haqqani would require of the couple before they set out on their back packing trip to the mountainous region, but somewhere along the line, they encountered a glitch in their plan.  It was something the couple did not expect and denied, which resulted in the entire disaster.  Boyle and Coleman had nothing worthwhile to offer the Taliban or Haqqani except if they could use their citizenships and passports as North Americans to accomplish a serious blow on something or somewhere that was important for the USA or Canada.

After all, the pregnant American woman was the greatest cover up for a mission.

Many readers are astonished at the lack of challenge directed towards the couple and I am certainly not here to bash them, but this is such national news and I believe that there are countless unanswered questions which has left many of us scratching our heads during the past three months.

My associate, who is quite familiar with Islam, believes that a large number of people including the members of the media in North America are not willing to talk about that very strong “magnet of Islam” and particularly its power over its new converts.  He says, it makes no sense to him that someone hears some basics about Islam, he or she becomes a Muslim and in many cases all of a sudden the new faith becomes the presiding factor over not only their life, but also lives of loved ones.  He believes that is what happened to the Boyle family.

One of the most unsettling constituents of this story is Coleman giving birth to three children while in captivity.  Her first child was killed, she then had been raped, she had been subject of beatings, had been kept underground and we hear they had a place as big as a bath tub, yet she got pregnant not once but three times?  Are those conditions to bring up Canadian-American children or did the couple only consider themselves westerners when they got in trouble and needed to be rescued?

They say that they had no sun so they would give their child to one of the captors to take him out for some sunlight.  These people out of fear, allegedly had to hide Coleman’s pregnancy and even the birth, which means they were worried that their child would be martyred again, but yet they give that child to the same murderers to take out for getting sun light?

Even in our own safe country, we do not give our children to a stranger for a couple of hours and even in most favorable conditions, not many people give birth to three children in a four year period.  If this kidnapping had taken another five years, how many more children would Caitlan give birth to?

Their reasoning for having children in captivity is nearly childish, given their circumstances.  It is hard to believe that a mother who had become attached to a fetus growing and kicking inside of her for seven months, who then experiences the killing of that child, a couple months later would say because they have always wanted to have a big family, why not get pregnant again.

“We’re sitting as hostages with a lot of time on our hands,” Boyle told The Associated Press in an email. “We always wanted as many as possible, and we didn’t want to waste time.  Cait’s in her 30s, the clock is ticking.”

“Honestly we’ve always planned to have a family of 5, 10, 12 children … We’re Irish, haha,” he wrote, as if it was the appropriate time and place for them to live out their fantasies.

Their dream vacation experienced a fatal detour, but the two converts found the courage to make the best out of it by accomplishing and fulfilling their desire to have children before Caitlan’s biological clock ran out.

Joshua’s faith was more important than his family because, if it was the other way around, he would have been worried that he may get killed and then have a wife and three children in the middle of one of the most hostile societies, thus eliminating the thought of having children in the first place and more importantly, their entire trip!  Is it because “Multiply” is a concept in The Quran?

I find it quite odd that Boyle repeatedly uses the word “stupid” when referring to the Haqqani.  They have killed your child, raped your wife, beaten you, and all they are is stupid?  Stupid is certainly not a word someone who has gone through such tribulations would use to describe those responsible.

The couple had and still have great confidence in their “bravery” for taking such an unthinkable risk and they exhibit no signs of remorse for what they have done to their children, perhaps because they see nothing wrong with their contribution in creating such a tragedy.  It’s as if they would, with no hesitation repeat their actions over and over again if given the same opportunity.

After all, if you look at it as Boyle does, everything is very simple.  He was a servant of Allah.

The saga surely has not ended, as many people suggest that the recent charges against Joshua Boyle are merely a tool in having access to him and being able to put him to question about the events of the five year kidnapping.  The truth and findings might be of a much greater value for the authorities, particularly, what the kidnappers expected the husband and wife do for them in North America.



Army Combat Photographer Captures Last Moments Before Her Death

Hilda Clayton

By: Winny Moro
Canadian – Sudanese ANAJ Writer

Two extraordinary photos of combat photographer Spec. Hilda Clayton’s last seconds before her accidental death were released and published by the U.S. Army in their May-June issue of Military Review.
Clayton, along with an Afghan military photographer she was training and three Afghan National Army soldiers were killed in July 2013 when a mortar tube accidentally exploded right in front of them, injuring eleven other people. Astonishingly, right before the device detonated, Clayton and one of her trainees captured two last photos which display the fiery blast, engulfed in smoke and debris as it turned deadly.

It is suggested that at the instant of the explosion, due to the pressure differential of 14.7 Lbs of an atmosphere increase to at least that of a 100 times, the air pressure had almost instantly compressed all of her vital cavities to a combined mass of fluids and tissues. In other words she had been already dead while pictured standing up.

Twenty-two year old Hilda Clayton had been deployed overseas for less than a year when she died and was the first combat documentation and production specialist to be killed in Afghanistan. She was assigned as a visual information specialist to the Army’s 55th Signal Co., known as Combat Camera and was documenting a live-fire exercise in Laghman Province, Afghanistan at the time of her death.
Clayton was attached to the 4th Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, where her mission was to document the training of Afghan forces. As a combat photographer, she was exposed to many dangers but also played a large role in participating in the Army’s efforts to create a visual record of U.S. military operations and having an eye on the ground to give commanders far from the battlefield a view of the action.
“Clayton’s death symbolizes how female soldiers are increasingly exposed to hazardous situations in training and in combat on par with their male counterparts” the Army’s journal wrote. “Spc. Clayton embodied the Cavalry spirit. She was always willing to take on any mission and she pursued every opportunity to tell our story with her images.”
To honor her memory, Combat Camera has renamed its annual photo competition “SPC Hilda I. Clayton Best Combat Camera (COMCAM).” Clayton’s name is also now etched into the Hall of Heroes at her alma mater, the Defense Information School.

On the occasion of The Universal Day of Human Rights

On the occasion of; The Universal Day of Human Rights 2016

Black Lives Matter International Movement


By, Winny Moro, 

Canadian – Sudanese ANAJ Writer          


On December 10th of 1948, a Declaration of the Human Rights was presented to the United Nations General Assembly in Paris, France.  Followings are all the items of the said Declaration which are greatly summarized.



1 – Equality of dignity and rights.    2 – Equality of race, color, political opinion.

3 – Rights of life and liberty.    4 – Prohibition of slavery.    5 – Prohibition of torture and inhumane punishment.    6 – Equality before the law.    7 – Equal protection before the law.  8 – Being able to use the legal system effectively and equally.    9 – Prohibition of arbitrary arrest, detention, or exile.    10 – Equality for access to independent and impartial criminal tribunal.    11 – Presumption of innocence before the person is found guilty by the relevant court.    12 – Protection of privacy, family, home, etc..    13 – Freedom of movement, exit, or entry to person’s country.    14 – Right to seek foreign asylum from persecution and without fear of the right being invoked.    15 – Right to have a nationality, prohibition of arbitrary denial of nationality.    16 – Equality and right to marriage regardless of nationality, religion, prohibition of forced marriage and protection of the family unit by the state.    17 – Right to own property.   18 – Freedom of choosing religion, freedom of thought, conscience and opinion.    19 – Freedom of expression of opinion, also the right of transfer of information and ideas through any form of media, regardless of the frontiers or countries.    20 – Freedom of choosing association and holding peaceful assembly.    21 – Right of taking part in government of a person’s country, and equal access to public services.    22 – Right to social security and use of facilities the government has provided.    23 – Right to work, employment without discrimination, equal pay, membership in unions.    24 – Right to rest and limitation of working hours, holidays.    25 – Right to adequate health and treatment for person and his family, right to assistance during motherhood.    26 – Equal right to education, free elementary schools and choice of parents for children’s education.    27 – Right to participation in cultural and community activities, recognition of intellectual property.    28 – Right to social order within which the freedoms in this Declaration are practiced.    29 – Responsibility of the person to nourish his community.    30 – Nothing in this Declaration can be interpreted in a manner that is contrary to the spirit of this Declaration.


***                                ***                                ***


The recent unfortunate events in the United States which were direct results of inequality and failure of the true intent of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights seems to indicate that the North American society in reality and action still is haunted by the bondage of the centuries of colonialism and slavery.


After the murder of Trayvon Martin (Sanford,  FL 2012), and the acquittal of his killer George Zimmerman, a phenomenal movement which is known as the Black Lives Matter was founded by a trio of black activists namely: Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors.  The courageous trio have, in a remarkable way, participated in the fight for justice and freedom, and #blacklivesmatter has branched into so many other positive civic achievements and is no more solely American but has spread internationally, in particular to Canada.


The senseless killings of blacks by those set out to serve and protect needs to come to an end.  America should take a closer look at their own heavily flawed penal system and accept the fact that the word terrorist can at times be applied when we consider the ruthless actions of police and others in positions of authority who allow some heinous attacks to be carried out against the citizens.


Disregard for the items cited in the Universal Declaration and repeated daily cases of police brutality, particularly against blacks has been at the forefront of racial atrocities  which are occurring on a full fledge basis despite centuries of attempts for attaining equality.


Minorities in North America have been living under a system that is designed to mainly protect its privileged white citizens, but at the same time discredits and also actively fights against every attempt of civic progress by the visible minorities.


There is a system in place, designed to prevent blacks from climbing the social ladder.  The cycle which prevents the progress can happen in many different ways such as:  A black male without reasonable cause is stopped and searched by police and ends up in the court system.  Now, if for any reason, the person happens to miss his court date, right away and without hesitation a warrant would be issued for his arrest.   That missing of his court date by itself would result in a new charge under the criminal code and by this time the wheels of the “so called” justice are fully in motion to “get” the guy.   This is the evolution path of making a “criminal” out of an unfortunate person that primarily entered the cycle because of the color of his skin. 


The next steps are that sooner or later he is pulled to the side for a minor infraction or a Road Check while his name is all over the country as the “Wanted”.  He is arrested, resulting in the loss of his job and income for the family.  If the detainee is married, his wife may not be able to single handedly support the household and in black families, there’s usually not enough savings of money for the legal expenses and bail coverage.  So, the man stays in prison for an addition of time that an okay doing Caucasian person would not.  Many things that at the surface are small but are sufficient to alter a person’s life such as, loss of employment, vehicle confiscated, unpaid rent, and as such, they would result in a total family breakdown and that is why a considerably high percentage of prisoners in North America are minorities and blacks.


The spirit of the Human Rights Declaration is equality of all human beings, particularly in matters which the improvement of things that lack are usually out of the individuals control such as skin color, gender, the area of birth, and many other similar characteristics.


It is unfortunate that mainstream media such as the influential Fox News, do their part in discrediting claims and even evidence which are put forward by the accused blacks in courts.  This particularly can be noted by the type of negative photos that many broadcasting networks choose to portray a black accused.


For example showing a “mugshot”, or the most objectionable photo to criminalize a deceased black person, but will show a graduation picture, and positive family photos of a white shooter or killer.  Unfortunately, racism and the media go hand in hand, being a form of propaganda.


I believe that anyone who fails to acknowledge the aggressive discriminatory behaviors conducted by the “federal gangs” and turns a blind eye at the realities of systematic racism, are part of the problem.


W.M.  December 2016





By: Winny Moro                                                 

Canadian – Sudanese ANAJ Member                     

For the purpose of this 2016 International Day of Peace, I’ve chosen to subjectify peace at a macro level, referring to the efforts at the scale of countries, and governments.  A category for which Canada ranks highly is keeping peace and solidarity.  Our country Canada is, and has been for many years the envy of many nations when it comes to the peace keeping missions.

This should give Canadians the courage, and drive needed in order to advocate and create international scenarios that involves maintaining peace.  The reality is that solutions are almost always found within the individual people; therefore, we must lead by our personal example of “ microcosm” level .

One of the greatest things about Canada is its large presence of multiculturalism, particularly in Toronto, which is believed to be one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, an arrangement which in itself is considered as a very affective factor of peace keeping in action.

What is a better example of the true peace keeping exercise than having brought people who, in many cases are from opposing ethnicities and ways of life, to live next door to each other “ as neighbors “.  That results in “ passive “ creation of  tolerance and open mindedness, rather than “ active efforts “ which would cost greatly in all aspects and as far as we know does not seem to have been sufficiently effective.

At this point of history, there are over 1500 wars of different magnitudes in progress in our planet, most of which are being conducted between countries and groups that the average person has not even heard their names.

The writer of this article has attended a high school in Toronto, with the majority being immigrants, and can say that it had made her experience a lot more colorful and profound.  Being at a school with other children of many different countries was an experience above her formal education.

There are also a lot of programs in this country that equips immigrants and teaches them that one of the basic focus is that they learn to live with and learn about each other.  Canada has always been encouraging the “ Mosaic “ system in which every nationality is even assisted and encouraged to preserve it’s own heritage and culture,  unlike the USA which adheres to the concept of “the melting pot”, focusing on making an American from all of their immigrants. In other words, we approve with having hyphenated Canadians such as Chinese – Canadians or Lebanese – Canadians, while in USA it’s only recent that the word African American is officially in the use at the government level.

At the macro level, the peace is more than keeping calm and tranquility between nations.  True peace can never be achieved while there is an imparity of gains and a great gap between the poverty stricken nations, and those that are called capitalist first class nations.  The reality is that every day, hundreds of millions of eggs and other food elements are being barried under the ground or thrown into the ocean simply for keeping the prices high.  At present, ten multinational companies own 42% of the entire food and food seeds in the world.  In addition to that, with the rise of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) each year, the gap between the countries of have and have not is becoming wider, and these are the true factors that work against peace at the macro level. The poverty, food production, even access to new technology has to be first addressed before peace can be achieved.

You’ve heard the phrase, a happy wife is a happy life, in this case, a happy country is a happy life.  That happiness that brings peace within the people, is derived from freedom.  If article #19 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights be observed and implemented, peace will come after.  In Canada, each citizen has the right to freedom of opinion and expression.  It is actually encouraged that you express your opinions and have the option to become active participants in shaping our country into what we believe it should be.

As Canadians we’ve had very influential leaders such as former Prime Minister Lester B Pearson, who introduced the first peace keeping force, and was the only Canadian to win the “ Nobel peace prize “. He established universal health care for all Canadians, introduced the Canada pension plan and student loans.  He also introduced foreign aid to help third world counties and is known for saving millions of lives.  What a way to build and raise the value of Canada, and its people.

Let us remind ourselves that there are many drugs that were invented in Canada, which if they be taken out of the market, probably over 50 million people would perish in three or four days worldwide on an ongoing basis.  One of the best examples of this is INSULIN, one that surely is the “ most effective “ drug for diabetes, which is life giving to diabetic patients with no replacement and was discovered and manufactured in Toronto by Dr. Banting and Charles H. Best.  These are the true factors that result in peace among people.

The Canadians who fought in Korea were part of world history and part of Canada’s honorable Peace Heritage. Canadians have always be counted as one of the “Key Nations “ for the peace keeping at any occasion that “Seize Fire “ had been an option, It is believed that our nation has “ sacrificed “ most from its youths in the last fifty years of the 20th Century  than any country.  A reputation that survives to this very day.

The writer would like to conclude

Our country has many peace education programs available and many educators.  These include:  ADR Institute of Canada, Canada World Youth, The Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society, The Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies, The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace (CCTP), Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture (CCVT), Canadian Council for Multicultural and Intercultural Education, The Canadian Human Rights Commission, Canadian Peace Research and Education Association, just to name a few.

The grim fact is that we prepare for war like precocious giants, and for peace like retarded pygmies. – Lester B. Pearson

Politics is the skilled use of blunt objects. – Prime Minister Brian Mulroney

“So I approach the pursuit of peace with determination, recognizing both the enormity of the task and the requirement for action. To those who say it cannot be done, I say it must be done. To those who say Canada can’t do it alone, I say we can do it together. And to those who claim it is none of our business, I say the search for peace is everyone’s business.” –Prime Minister Brian Mulroney

“The best defense of peace is not power, but the removal of the causes of war, and international agreements which will put peace on a stronger foundation, than the terror of destruction.”  Lester B. Pearson, Canadian Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

“Since wars (and violence) are created in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed.” UNESCO motto

“The world is dangerous not because of those who do harm, but because of those who look at it without doing anything.” – Albert Einstein

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