IOF arrest Palestinian journalist on his way to Europe

Omar Nazzal

IOF arrest , Omar Nazzal, Palestinian journalist on his way to Europe for a conference

Palestinian journalist Omar Nazzal was arrested by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Saturday at the ‘Al-Karamah’ crossing while travelling to Bosnia to attend a Conference.

Nazzal, who is a member of the general assembly of MADA center, and a member of the General Secretariat of the Palestinian journalists syndicate, was accompanied with other Palestinian journalists, including the syndicate’s chairman Nasser Abu Baker.

Abu Baker told PNN on Saturday that while he and all the other members of the syndicate were on their way to the European Journalist Conference in Bosnia, the Israeli authorities stopped them at the border with Jordan for more than four hours.

After all the members were interrogated, the Israeli authorities arrested Omar.

Abu Baker added th

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